Welcome to NastyMakeup, the only website dedicated exclusively to fashion makeup! Well, it's not just that! We like our girls to go hand in hand with us one step further, and try our most sophisticated male body makeup. Means: lots of rough hardcore cock sucking, gagging and submission before getting our NASTY MAKEUP!

  Lola del Valle
Movie description

Sometimes a girl is not just great tits and a gorgeous face, but also a good truckload of attitude being her driving force. Lola is all of this and a lot more! Watch her as she sucks a couple or our best cocks and gets ready to ask for seconds! This one will be a recurring member of our roster, and when you watch her video you'll see why!

Movie description

Whenever rising porn star Mora is around, it’s absolute Cockfest! She wanted four guys for her facial, and we did everything to please her: hardcore multi-cock sucking at its most extreme, lots of gagging, absolute submission on her part and a wild no-holds-barred white shower that no casual viewer will ever forget, let alone Mora herself.

  Maia Toscani
Movie description

You can't skip on our new hottest brunette! Maia's got a body that's as sweet and hot as her age, and is about to get the cumshower of her life and she is totally into giving the best cocksuckin' ever in order to get it!

Movie description

Sofia is a very warm next door Miss America. She came and told us all her fantasies, from friendly lesbo action to cowboy costumes. Then she asked for the full facial treatment and we obliged. In all fairness, she gave some good old cock suckin’ in every possible way to make our cosmetic artists eager to cum on her angel face.

  Lanny Pitt
Movie description

Don't miss the next adventure for our new hot savvy blonde Lanny Pitt! She wanted to try our world-famours makeups after having a very satisfying casting, and guess what? She didn't just try the stuff, she owned the scene grabbing those cocks with absolute determination and giving a blowjobs like a pro!

  Deborah Pratt
Movie description

An old acquaintance of our company, you can always count on watching some glamorous blonde bombshell action when Deborah Pratt is on the loop. She says it herself in her interview with pride: “I’m a real slut” and man, does she deliver on that premise! Watch her transformation at the end, as our guys deliver too -- a massive white shower in her honor!

  Paulina Vianni
Movie description

Welcome newcomer Paulina, a tough girl who doesn’t stand nonsense in any way. She states it clearly: she wants only guys who pack big tools, and won’t suffer fools. She also says she’s a true pro when it comes to blowjobs, doing full deep throats, so, gotta watch it to see her claim to fame come true!

  Lula Chavez
Movie description

Wow! This is what I call big tits! Lula is just another next-door-neighboor kind of girl with a burning desire for all kinds of sex. She usually plays with herself at noons and oral sex is most likely her favorite sport! Just wait until she picks up a banana and shows how good she is at it! Don't miss this one!

  Vanina Nasser
Movie description

This is about the juiciest facial video you can ever get! Vanina is a horny girl from the get-go, she usually chats with guys and makes for some hard cocks. She wanted to try these "new makeups with some sort of body fluids" she kept earing about and she really did earn her prize 'cause she sucked cocks with real passion.

  Mia Fassio
Movie description

Alright, when a girl comes into our company and starts bragging about how deep she can stuff a cock into her mouth, she may not know it, but she’s in trouble! That’s what happened with Mia, who had to prove her worth and guess what? She ended up in the center of another cockfest that could only end with her face under a cumload!

Movie description

She said she liked exotic makeup. We took it upon ourselves to give her what she wanted, but first fucked this babe in her mouth in every possible way, and as she got hotter and hotter she went on sucking deeper and deeper. In the end, our makeup artists gave her a creamy exotic souvenir!

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