Welcome to NastyMakeup, the only website dedicated exclusively to fashion makeup! Well, it's not just that! We like our girls to go hand in hand with us one step further, and try our most sophisticated male body makeup. Means: lots of rough hardcore cock sucking, gagging and submission before getting our NASTY MAKEUP!

Movie description

Pilar says she wants to be in power in every possible situation. She came to our company to play goddess to our hardworking guys. She did try her best to wear them out and have them all be her love slaves, but she might just get some nasty hardcore cocksucking and gagging along the way! In the end, she'll get the brutal facial she wanted in the first place

Movie description

Nicole wanted to be an Extreme Hardcore Porn Queen. This is her first video, and we told her she had to really excel here in order to apply to more extreme videos. She did so well, sucking cocks absolutely outta control, that you'll probably see her soon doin' a lot of stuff as we fullfil her rising porn star dream!

Movie description

Mayka traveled a long way in order to meet with us. She just can't help her natural slutty ways. And we couldn't help ourselves either when this gorgeous bombshell came through so we inmediately called our guys to do her properly (meaning hard edge sucking and gagging). They gave her a run for her money as lots of cum rained down her beauty queen face!

Movie description

Barbara works for a hi profile computers systems corporation. She had her casual sex with co-workers and stuff but felt ultimately let down as she wanted to try things out of the ordinary. And that is exactly what she found with our nasty guys, who got her to suck and gag until she was out of breath! Only then she got promoted to Vicious Facial Canvas!

Movie description

Meet Tanya, a no-nonsense hardcore cock lover who just arrived in a timely fashion to let us know some of her little dirty secrets. She said she liked girls too, but always favored a large cock over any other thing, so being the kind souls that we are, we gave her our best meat tools for her to work with, and she got outta them the cum of a lifetime!

A new rising star, or if you want to get to the point, a new risig cocksucker! She's great into the Nasty Makeup trademark business of cock eating, gagging, theesomes and a mouthful of cum, which in this particular case, added a third guy to please her!

  Sindy Lee
Blonde angel Sindy in always game when a mouth is needed and a cock is available! She can't stand the sight of an unatended cock so badly that she will suck all day long until a satisfied cock gives her a satisfying cum bath in order to calm her need of sperm!

  Lorena Reyes
Movie description

Every now and then a girl comes out of the blue and proves way more deranged than our guys… well, guess what? Lorena is one of those girls! She had her first fuck with a girl, even before tryin’ guys, and there’s nothing she loves more than a good adrenaline rush while enjoyin’ the cock of her life! Check out this week’s filth lover!

  Tamara Persia
Movie description

Tamara didn’t have a good time when she first had a cumload on her face. She was troubled. She says she felt awkward and moved at the last second. She practically begged for a nice treatment of her problem and we gave her some shocking cock therapy! Watch this small-cock lover as she finally gets to leave her fear of cocks behind!

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